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Trendy hairstyles spring-summer 2014

trendy hairstyles spring-summer2014

trendy hairstyles spring-summer2014

Stylish and fashionable haircut is the best option for the spring-summer season. First – it’s convenient and comfortable in the heat, and secondly, in the summer you would never like to constantly look for new ways for hair, and that, if the haircut is not successful it can transform you beyond recognition. In the season of spring-summer 2014 fashion haircut is a variety of hairstyles, from the classic “bob” and “page” to the stylish and modern variations of quads, “torn” haircuts, cascading and many others. Now more about each is explained below:

Trendy hairstyles spring-summer 2014: Haircut “Bob”

According to stylists, haircut “Bob” is not out of fashion for nearly 100 years and will not ever be. Accurate, comfortable, elegant hairstyle will fit almost any type of person. If you have a round face, then do a pull it out help “Bob” from the shoulder, no bands. If on the contrary, the face is too round then opt for the version with a band and to the cheekbones or jawline. And best of all – trust the professional hairdresser, he will tell the option suitable for you! This season, there are no restrictions: There is popular and “ragged” edge, and there is separate strands sticking out, and the classic version. Grooming is easy to do and maintain and does not require too frequent correction.

trendy hairstyles spring-summer2014

trendy hairstyles spring-summer2014 bob haircuts

trendy hairstyles spring-summer2014trendy hairstyles spring-summer2014trendy hairstyles spring-summer 2014

Haircut “Page”

Haircut “Page” – a thick and smooth bangs trimmed chin-length hair are the part of trendy hairstyles spring-summer 2014. If you want to give your image a light French charm, the haircut “Page” will be your first friend in this. Came to us from the 60th, that haircut is relevant to this day, because it is comfortable, beautiful and, more importantly, found on the streets not too often. Fashion shows “Spring-Summer 2014″ a haircut chosen for their fashion house are Marc Jacobs, Fendi & Undercover.

fashionable trendy hairstyles spring-summer 2014

fashionable trendy hairstyles spring-summer 2014-2015

trendy hairstyles spring-summer2014-

Fashionable trendy hairstyles  Spring-Summer 2014 : “KARE”

Quads myriad has variations: “square on the leg” and “square angle”, “square with an extension” and “graduated bob” etc. Some stylists are inclined to believe that the first square became popular during the First World War, other argue that in ancient Egypt Cleopatra herself wore this hairstyle. So many legends and their disputes, but the fact remains that a Square Kare – is a fashionable, stylish, practical trendy hairstyles spring-summer 2014 and loved by millions of women at all times, spring and summer alike. The hairstyle “square” is also a preference for designers Calvin Klein, Helmut Lang, Jonathan Saunders, lacoste, Mary Katrantzou, Proenza Schouler, Ralph Lauren, Thakoon and others…

trendy hairstyles spring-summer2014trendy hairstyles spring-summer2014

trendy hairstyles spring-summer2014trendy hairstyles spring-summer2014trendy hairstyles spring-summer2014 trendy hairstyles spring-summer2014-10

“Ragged haircuts” and “cascade”

Who thinks that haircuts are primarily designed for short hair, they are mistaken. Stylists fashion houses once again proved that it is not, demonstrating the Fashion Week shows a variety of options for hairstyles long hair and medium length hair (Donna Karan, Burberry Prorsum, Chanel, Ralph Lauren, DKNY, Gucci, Emilio Pucci, Jonathan Saunders , Proenza Schouler, Lacoste, etc). At the peak of the popularity of “torn” haircuts, haircuts with jagged edges, shear an element of negligence, if you just got out of bed, and cascading hairstyle. As for the bangs, then in vogue as thick long bangs and thinned, barely noticeable and also can be of complete absence. Do not forget that in the heat of summer bangs can be not the best option: first – it’s hot, and secondly, you can unpleasantly surprise uneven tan and white forehead.

trendy hairstyles spring-summer 2014trendy hairstyles spring-summer2014trendy hairstyles spring-summer2014trendy hairstyles spring-summer2014trendy hairstyles spring-summer2014trendy hairstyles spring-summertrendy hairstyles spring-summer2014Before you make a hairstyle for spring-summer 2014, take a close look at all the fancy options offered outstanding stylists and barbers. Choose what you like, go to a certified salon, a professional master and consult with him. Remember that a successful haircut can make you a breathtakingly beautiful, but if failed it can spoil the image of your personality. Be creative but careful!

Trendy Hairstyles for Spring-Summer 2014 – Photos

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